Important causes the french revolution

Unlike the normal way of life in European government and society, Americans desired a nation in which the inherent rights and freedoms of individuals were recognized and respected Better Essays words 3. However, it is absolutely certain that the idea of liberty has changed radically from the colonial period to the s. The liberty that the revolutionaries rallied behind is much different that than the liberty Reagan preached in contrast with the Soviet Union.

Better Essays words 5. They were a geographical and political restructuring of Europe that lead to the creation and organization of the Europe nations that eventually became the primary combatants and effected territories of World War Better Essays words 3 pages. Help with a research paper Jacksonian period was a time in American history that has been personified as a time of extreme change and upheaval in the areas of economic growth, political interests, and expansion.

It was the tremendous shifts in these areas that threatened to surpass and exceed the very principles of freedom, liberty, and independence that the American Revolution had been fought over, and in which the United States of America had been founded It occurred in the second half of the 18th century, in an "Age of Democratic Revolution" when philosophers and political theorists in Europe were critically examining the institutions of their own societies and the notions that lay behind them.

Yet the American Revolution first put to the test ideas and theories that had seldom if ever been worked out in practice in the Old World--separation of church and state, sovereignty of the people, written constitutions, and effective checks Free Essays words 2.

The birth of the United States did not start with the writing of the Constitution nor theRevolutionary War, but q20001 the french revolution and the concept of nation and liberty essay with the settlement of North America. England impregnated the eastern coast of modern day America with colonies Better Essays words 4.

American revolution began as a conflict between thirteen colonies in the North America and the British Empire, and ended as the creation of the United State of America The Declaration was idealistic the Constitution realistic. That gave us liberty and gave us order. Although as unfair as it may sound this seems to be true. The first source begins with a quote from Voltaire, more specifically an French Enlightenment philosopher. The quote puts forth the idea that in order for a nation to succeed or to be powerful they must do harm to all of those around them.

The era of Enlightenment was a key portion of the world's history in regards to nationalism.

Important causes the french revolution

Some could say that the very conception of nationalism occurred during this era. The philosophers from this time wished to promote the idea of a government ruled by the. The French revolution occurred between the years and and it was characterized by a period of radical political and social upheavals, whose impacts were felt both in France and the entire continent of Europe. Groups such as the political activists, peasants in the country side and the masses on the streets continually led a sustained assault against what had become the aristocratic and religious privileges orchestrated by the ruling monarchy.

It is argued in some quarters that the French Revolution introduced the world to new concepts of nationhood and liberty Baker, Boyer, and Kirshner Nationalism The French Revolution was an occurrence whose aftermath was the generation of an idea of nationalism.

Nationalism can be …show more content…. This was intended to get rid of the marginalization and divisions orchestrated by the government through separation of the constituencies. During the s, which was the height of the French Revolution, the French army was engaged in war with other European states. Because of the spirit of nationalism that was revitalized by the revolution, the army strengthened their persistence and commitment.

They felt more patriotic than ever before and acted like they were fighting for their own cause.

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This strength, determination and will, ultimately acted in their favor Censer and Hunt Strong demands for uncompromising loyalty to the state occurred with the rise of secularization of the state. This was for the purposes of sustaining the revolution spirit.

The emblem of the guard that was mandated to look after Bastille was combined to make the French national flag in Paris. The unveiling of the national flag thus contributed to the rise in the spirit of nationalism. The French Revolution played a major role in rewriting the history of both France and the whole of Europe. It perpetuated the transformations in culture, psychology and intellects of the people across the continent.

On account of this. Show More. Read More. Popular Essays. Open Document.As a few years pass, a man by the name of Ho Chi….

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Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. Although the regime had been very successful in defending France from foreign invaders and sorting out internal religious and other disputes it was believed to have been the french revolution summary unfair to the general public. Economic Causes of the French Revolution The cost of affording a respectable or even a sustained lifestyle had shot sky high with the rise in bread prices and basic necessities.

On top of which the working class was obliged to pay heavy taxes to finance the governments running. This obviously led to the feeling of resentment within the bourgeoisie who wanted a more equal system of governance in France. From this point of view they were the forerunners of the whole revolution but there was another side to this social awakening and that was the decrease of importance in the belief of God. Fresh off more propaganda victories and with his popularity nearly at its zenith, Napoleon Thesis vs dissertation meaning crowned himself emperor of France.

The French Republic was over and the French empire had begun. This is perhaps the most obvious date to use as the end of the revolution, although Napoleon had been building his power since the Consulate.

France was transformed into a new form of nation and government, one considered almost opposite to the hopes of many revolutionaries. This wasn't simply pure megalomania by Napoleon because he had to work hard to reconcile the conflicting forces of the revolution and establish a degree of peace. Queen Marie Antoinette was also found guilty of numerous crimes on October 16 and guillotined the same day.

In Marchthe National Convention created the Committee of Public Safety whose role was to protect the newly established republic against foreign attacks and internal rebellion. Consisting of 12 members with the most prominent being Maximilien Robespierrethe committee became the de facto executive government in France during a period lasting from 5th September to 28th July and known as the Reign of Terror.

In the name of ridding the nation of the enemies of the Revolution, an estimatedsuspects were arrested, 17, were officially executed and 25, died in summary executionsi. Hence the total death toll was around 40, By mid, Robespierre become a target of conspiracies as the members feared that they could be guillotined next. He was arrested and executed on 2 8 th July bringing an end to the Reign of Terror. The new constitution created the Directory. The executive power was placed in the hands of the five members directors of the Directory with a five-year mandate.

The Directory became involved in corruption, political conflict and financial problems. Moreover, it became more and more reliant on the Army in foreign and domestic affairs, as well as finance. This coup, known as the Coup of 18th Brumaire, referring to the date according to the revolutionary calendar, is regarded by many as the end of the French Revolution. Revolutionary France was considered dangerous by the other European monarchies who viewed it with both fear and anger.

This led to the French Revolutionary Warsa series of military conflicts lasting from until The Storming of the Bastille is considered by many as the start of the French Revolution. Due to this July 14 is called Bastille Day and is celebrated as the national day of France.

Q20001 the french revolution and the concept of nation and liberty essay

On 5th Octobera large crowd of protesters, mostly womenmarched from Paris to the Palace of Versailles. They were angered by the high price of bread and frustrated as the King seemed oblivious to their problem.

Louis XVI ultimately conceded to their demands and agreed to go to Paris with the mob. On the night of 20th Junethe royal family, dressed as servants with their servants dressed as nobles, tried to escape to Austria. The public, which was already against King Louis XVI, now viewed him as a traitor who wanted foreign intervention to restore the monarchy.

He was charged with treason and found guilty on August 10, His wife Marie Antoinette was guillotined on October By this time feudalism had been abolished, the nobility and the clergy had lost their privileges, equality before the law had been established and France had been declared a Republic.

French Revolution and US history Thomas Jefferson and the Republicans sympathized with the supporters of the French Revolution, which championed individual rights against the aristocratic, monarchist government. Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists opposed it. James Madison had proposed the U. Bill of Rights which was introduced on June 8, in New The french revolution summary.

In August the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen" as the first step towards writing a constitution for France. The ideas and inspiration of the declaration was largely based on the ideals of the American Revolution.

They did not like the rules about the church in the Civil Constitution of the Church and new taxes put in place in They also disliked being forced to join the French army. In March, they rose up against the government in a revolt. The war lasted until Now that the king was dead, the National Convention made a new republican constitution that began on 24 June. It was the first one that did not include the king and gave every man in France a vote. However, it never came into power because of the trouble between the Jacobins and Girondins.

The war with Austria and Prussia was causing the state to have money problems. Bread was very expensive and many people wanted things to change. In Junethe Jacobins began to take power. They wanted to arrest many Girondin members of the National Convention. By July, the coup was complete. The Jacobins had taken power. They put in new, radical laws including a new Republican Calendar with new months and new ten-day weeks. They made the army bigger and changed the officers to people who were better soldiers.

Over the next few years, this helped the Republican army push back the attacking Austrians, Prussians, British, and Spanish. It was the most powerful group in France. This group and Robespierre were responsible for the Reign of Terror. Robespierre believed that if people were afraid, the revolution would go better.

The Reign of Terror lasted from the spring of to the spring of It sample dbq essay middle school in spanish not only the nobility who died in the Reign of Terror. Anyone who broke the Jacobins' laws, or was even suspected of breaking their laws or working against them, could be arrested and sent to the guillotine, most without a trial.

Even powerful people who had been involved in the Jacobin coup were executed. According to records, 16, people were executed with the guillotine. It is possible that up to 40, people died in prison or were killed during the Reign of Terror.

By Julypeople began to turn against Maximilien de Robespierre. He and his Revolutionary Tribunal had killed 1, people in six weeks.

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A day later, Robespierre and many of his supporters in the Paris Commune were sentenced to death by guillotine without any kind of trial. This reaction against Robespierre is called the Thermidorian Reaction. On 27 Septemberthe constitution came into effect. The new constitution had created the Directoire Directorywhich was the first government of France to be bicameral split into two houses. The lower house, the parliamenthad members.


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